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תאורת אזהרה למטוסים AL32

תאורת אזהרה למטוסים AL32
·         High quality optics for excellent beam spread control
·         Customizable for both AC and DC conditions.
·         Customizable for steady burning or flashing mode
·         Multiple light elements in the source reduce the chances of a complete blackout which could be caused in case of a single source failure.
·         All hardware of obstruction lights are made of corrosion resistant metals.
·         Bird spikes for protection against droppings.
·         Built in photocell, which can switch ON/OFF the lights automatically at dawn and dusk (optional)
·         Use of quality components and sophisticated technology reduce chances of maintenance and replacement.
·         Low power consumption, which leads to huge savings on electricity bills.
·         LED light source ensures long lifetime, maintenance free
·         Built-in anti electrophoresis impact module, with lightning protection
·         Shock and vibration resistant
·         Corrosion resistant and UV stable polycarbonate housing
·         Ease of mount, mount accessories available
·         Available both in single and double type
Effective Intensity
32 Candela
32 Candela
32 Candela
Vertical Divergence
10 Degree
Horizontal out-put
360 Degree
LED Color
LED Lifespan
100,000 Hours
Flash Pattern
Steady burning(default)
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